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Rock n' Roll...What Music!
Montana Senior News, Idaho Senior Independent June/July 2016
Nothing brings back memories like music. Take this quiz and enjoy a trip back to the fabulous 50’s and early 60’s.
1.     Who sang about “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance?”
2.     A respected recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, who originally sang gospel.
3.     With a real last name of Deutschendorf, this singer-songwriter loved the Rocky Mountains.
4.     This entertainer popularized the dance known as The Twist.
5.     A heartthrob who performed on the Ed Sullivan and Steve Allen Shows.
6.     Which three entertainers were killed in a plane crash the day the music died?
7.     Which rockabilly star had a hit song that later titled a 1990 movie starring Richard Gere?
8.     This New Orleans pianist received the National Medal of Arts from President Bill Clinton.
9.     Who took a hat off to Larry and sang about a little runaway?
10.  Among the 40 biggest hit makers of the rock era, this person worked with Burt Bacharach.
11.  Who traditionally began every concert with, “Hello, I’m……”?
12.  This entertainer sang duets with a brother.
13.  At age 13, this artist recorded a Christmas tree song that has since sold 25 million copies.
14.  Early teen idol who said hello to Mary Lou and whose parents had a tv show.
15.  Detroit is closely linked to this entertainer who sang in a famous trio.
16.  “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do” is this individual’s signature song.
17.  A name that is synonymous with the electric guitar.
18.  This mellow-voiced King of Sweet Soul had 29 Top Forty hits starting with “You Send Me.”
19.  Singer of “The Wanderer,” this person’s style epitomized the music of the Bronx streets.
20.  Who received the Kennedy Center Honors and sang about papa’s brand new bag?
21.  This pianist was nicknamed “The Killer” and married seven women.
22.  Who originally wrote and recorded “Blue Suede Shoes?”
23.  Carole King’s babysitter whose hit created an early 60’s dance craze.
24. Which lead singer claimed that big girls don’t cry?
25. A gruff-voiced artist who broke down the barriers between sacred and secular music.

Possible Answers

A.  Del Shannon
B.  Neil Sedaka
C.  Jerry Lee Lewis
D.  Buddy Holly
E.  Brenda Lee
F.  Dion Dimucci
G. James Brown
H.  Frankie Valli
I.   Chubby Checker
J.  Johnny Cash
K.  Ricky Nelson
L.  Carl Perkins
M. JP "The Big Bopper" Richardson
N.  Little Eva
O.  Sam Cooke
P.   Dionne Warwick
Q.  Elvis Presley
R.  Ritche Valens
S.  Diana Ross
T.  Roy Orbison
U.  Aretha Franklin
V.  Les Paul
W. John Denver
X.  Phil Everly
Y.  Fats Domino
Z.  Gene Pitney
AA.Ray Charles